Your problem

Is there a feeling that the company vision is not integrated trough the whole company to achieve common goals!?

If so – you are not alone having that feeling! As a matter of fact, this is often the normal situation!

Experience prove that the different functions within the same company many times are isolated and not able to have common targets and even if they have common targets, they cannot execute on these targets efficiently.

One of the main reason for this is – fragmented IT landscape that is often not supportive to the Business.

How shall all the stakeholders in a process or connected processes, internal or external parties, work together seamlessly towards the common vision and targets? – solve that equation and you have a competitive edge!

Our value proposition model

With our deep domain knowledge in “PLM” and “Source to Pay”, and 30+ years hands-on in Business and IT development, we engage with the customer from start to end.

What we do:

  • Pre-Study (SWOT analysis) of landscape and IT Systems and the processes they support.
  • New solution evaluation & recommendation
  • Process re-engineering
  • Strategic roadmap planning
  • Project management
  • Development & maintenance of both custom and standard solutions
  • Implementation & Training
  • Business support

We believe in building in relationships that last longer and firmly believe that ‘we and only we’ shall be accountable for delivering value!

What we Offer

Pain Area Analysis

  • Interact with end users from the business and understand the root causes, identifying the relations between the Business and IT pains and for input to Business and IT development.
  • Is IT supporting the Business!? If you feel your business and IT systems are disconnected, or if you recognize some of the below listed problems, we are your strategic partner for digital transformation
    • Business hates IT and see it as obstacle
    • Business critical applications with lot of faults, shortcomings and unexpected problems
    • Personal dependencies
    • Productivity and scalable issues – High cost in man hours
    • Security issues
    • Redundant solutions without a clear purpose
    • Non-adherence to IT strategy
  • Engagement model – Our approach to your problems –
    • Our engagement starts with a Pre-Study (typically few days) conducted in a form of Interviews with Business Sponsors to understand and evaluate the business purpose and goals to be achieved
    • As-Is analysis: Conduct mini workshops with key stakeholders
    • SWOT Analysis – Problem statements and use cases
    • Recommendations & Roadmap (To-Be state): mini workshops
    • Guidance in IT tools selection

Quick solutions

  • We specialize in transforming home grown applications into a scalable and standardized IT solution.
  • If necessary, also create an interim solution as bridge to the decided solution

Project Management

  • Further engagement based on customer choice – Development / Implementation / Support partnership

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