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The idea of ​​Kvarttis was born a few years ago in a discussion about how vulnerable we are on the internet, all the advertising that constantly intrudes and how much social media we use. We agreed that new technology did not always simplify our lives and that we were not always able or willing to keep up with developments. Many were afraid of how we are being productized and many wanted a simpler life but with higher quality.

We agreed that our lifestyle has consequences, not only for our own health and well-being but also for our loved ones and ultimately for the environment in which we live.

We have become a supporting role in our own lives, spectators watching others live their "successful" lives. We have become slaves to addictive new technologies.

Social media steals a lot of our time - our life, we are stressed in different ways and find it difficult to live our real life. We get less time for each other! We may live longer but with poorer content. All the pursuit of material things and clicks on social media leaves a spiritual void behind.

Humans are social creatures and need to be around other people to feel good. We feel at our best when we are with others, when we feel that we are needed and useful. We also have a responsibility towards those who come after us and must manage what we have inherited responsibly and pass it on to future generations, preferably more and better. This also applies to all the knowledge that is otherwise lost.


Our Vision

  • That everything produced is used for as long as possible.
  • That we shop locally and that we make the best use of what nature gives us in different ways
  • That we as people share what we have and what we can do in different ways.
  • That we should be able to preserve our integrity online
  • That we don't spend more than QUARTER a day on social media!


The purpose of Kvarttis

  • Kvarttis platform should offer various services that give our users a healthier and richer life and contribute to a sustainable society.
  • At Kvarttis, you should be able to maintain your integrity and anonymity and have the services you need in a simple way. So "back to basics"...
  • Here you should decide WHAT you want to see and not get a bunch of annoying ads or be distracted from real life.


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