Kvarttis Marketplace is a service where registered users can interact and agree on different trades, such as buy-sell a product or service.

Visit: https://kvarttis.se/

What's Unique

Kvarttis Marketplace is not like other marketplaces. We have a different purpose.

We want to counteract the "Tear and throw away" mentality and work for a sustainable society.

  • An item's monetary value should not determine whether it is worth an ad! Why not see the object as its own entity!? If someone else might want it, then it deserves to be taken care of. All these handmade goods from the past, things our parents used that are part of our childhood memories deserve to be saved. They are part of our cultural heritage and future treasures!
  • Put EVERYTHING you don't need or want in Kvarttis and wait until someone wants it, sooner or later someone will!

We want people to meet and socialize more and therefore have some 'odd' categories for social activities and lifestyle.

  • Why not pick up an old hobby or start a new one!?
  • Find someone close to you with the same interests and hang out!
  • Why not put the apples in your garden to good use and let others nearby come and pick for themselves.
  • Looking for sourdough bread? - maybe someone in your area sells home-baked goods or gives courses in baking!?
  • Why not ask the neighbor from the next block to come and check on your rambling dishwasher!?

Our services are initially category-based and if you are missing a category, just contact us and we will see what we can do.

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