About Green Catalysator IT AB

Who are we?

Green Catalysator IT AB (GCIT) is a Swedish IT company headquartered in Uppsala. Established in 2018, the company is also present in the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. Experts in GCIT, with their broad and deep experience in Supply chain processes and IT development, offer a wide range of business and IT consulting to customers in the Nordic region.

GCIT is spreading its wings internationally and now has an office in India.


What we do?

Our specialization is in the “Supply Chain” domain and its surrounding processes. We partner with organizations to help transform their business processes and supporting digital platforms specially in the “PLM” and “Source to Pay” areas.

We have special love for customized solution, inclusive of quick fixes and shorthand solutions or “Homegrown” solutions, which often are very critical or necessary for the business operations.

We also develop our own products, that demonstrate flexible capabilities, with the aim to help customers to quickly get the digital support required for critical processes.


The Conundrum

In professional environment, demand vs supply constraints are quite common business problems that we often listen from the market, customers, stakeholders across all functions (Sales, Product Management, Sourcing, Supply, R&D etc.,) Often the different functions within the same company are disconnected and not able to have common targets and execute on the decided targets through all the IT systems?

How shall all the stakeholders in a process or connected processes, internal or external parties, work seamless and with roll-based access in a timely manner? – solve that equation and you have a competitive edge!


Solution – GCIT value proposition

With our deep “Source to Pay” knowledge and hands-on IT development / maintenance experience, GCIT engages a customer  the spectrum –

  • Pre-Study (SWOT analysis) of landscape and IT Systems
  • New solution evaluation & recommendation
  • Strategic roadmap planning
  • Development & maintenance of both custom solutions
  • Implementation & Training
  • Business support

We believe in building in relationships that last longer and firmly believe that ‘we and only we’ shall be accountable for delivering value!